The Science of Tennis Elbow

The clinical name for tennis elbow, lateral epicondylitis, is a bit misleading. Words ending in
“-itis” imply inflammation, and yet this condition instead should be considered a tendinopathy or tendinosis. Understanding the science of tennis elbow helps to determine treatment and promote recovery.

The Science Behind Bass Chorus Pedals

The shimmering, big-hall-sounding effect that’s a staple for guitarists everywhere is called a chorus. And a very common way guitar players have applied this effect is via a pedal. But chorus pedals aren’t just for guitar players. There are such things as bass chorus pedals too. Whether it’s for a guitar or bass, the science […]

The Best Science-Related Franchises

Owning your own business is a dream many share, but few achieve. It can be hard. And it can also be worth all the effort. Among the many difficulties a would-be business owner faces is deciding which business to do. They choices may seem endless. But constraints like time, money, skills and experience will often […]

100 Picture Books Everyone Should Know

There’s a reason the title of this article says “everyone” and not “children.” Sure, children should know these pictures books, but you should too. You’ll get just as much out of reading these stories. The following 100 titles span several decades and include some of the best stories from all over the world. Some take […]

A Short Dictionary of Scientific Quotations

From back to front and from left to right: Back Row:Auguste Piccard, Émile Henriot, Paul Ehrenfest, Édouard Herzen, Théophile de Donder, Erwin Schrödinger, Jules-Émile Verschaffelt, Wolfgang Pauli, Werner Heisenberg, Ralph Howard Fowler, Léon Brillouin,Middle Row:Peter Debye, Martin Knudsen, William Lawrence Bragg, Hendrik Anthony Kramers, Paul Dirac, Arthur Compton, Louis de Broglie, Max Born, Niels Bohr,Front Row: Irving […]