The Best Science-Related Franchises

Owning your own business is a dream many share, but few achieve. It can be hard. And it can also be worth all the effort. Among the many difficulties a would-be business owner faces is deciding which business to do.

They choices may seem endless. But constraints like time, money, skills and experience will often help you choose. Also, trying to choose which business is going to be popular enough to sustain a profitable business is tough as well.

Do you start from scratch? Or do you buy an already-proven business system, like a franchise? defines a franchise thus: A franchise is a type of business whereby a business owner licenses the rights to operate a particular company, along with its products, branding, and knowledge, for a fee.

If you decide on going the franchise route, you then have to choose which one. And those choices may seem endless too! From home inspection franchises, restaurant franchises, candy franchises, drywall repair franchises, to beauty & fashion franchises or marketing franchises, there are a lot out there.

But if you have a passion for science AND you’re interested in owning a franchise, those exists too!

Here are our top science-related franchise picks:

Science Made Fun Franchise
Educational Franchise Opportunities available with ht2! A home-based business for Children’s Science Education.

Mad Science Franchise
Franchising began in 1995, with initial franchises in Florida and Toronto, and now has franchises worldwide offering educational demonstrations to preschools, in-class and afterschool programs, community centers and scout programs. The company also provides entertainment for birthday parties, special events, camps and more

Nutty Scientists Franchise
As an internationally ranked franchise opportunity and a leading global provider of scientific activities for children of all ages

I Know Science Franchise
South Florida’s coolest Toy Store & Sci-Lab offering top-quality toys, birthday parties, and award winning science programs.

Professor Egghead Science Academy
Professor Egghead Science Academy is a low cost franchise providing awesome science after school programs, science summer camps and more.

Combining your love and knowledge of science with being a franchise owner can be the best of both worlds and luckily, there are some great choices out there for you.