The Science Behind Bass Chorus Pedals

The shimmering, big-hall-sounding effect that’s a staple for guitarists everywhere is called a chorus. And a very common way guitar players have applied this effect is via a pedal. But chorus pedals aren’t just for guitar players. There are such things as bass chorus pedals too.

Whether it’s for a guitar or bass, the science behind it is the same, it’s just that bass chorus pedals are made to handle the lower notes of bass guitars.

How does a chorus pedal work?

A chorus copies the signal multiple times, altering them by modulating the pitch and timbre, and then playing them all back delayed. It works by applying a short delay to the signal, then changing the timing of the delay a little bit at regular intervals, numerous times.

It then combines these new signals with the original signal, giving it a multiple-player, ensemble of voices sound. And of course all the best bass chorus pedals work the same way.

The Chorus Effect

A chorus effect happens when individual sounds with approximately the same time, and very similar pitches, converge and are perceived as almost one. The top choirs and string orchestras can produce this sound. And it can also be simulated using a chorus effect pedal.

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