Tiny Pocket Guitar for Practice

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Small Pocket Acoustic Guitar for Practice Tool Gadget Chord Trainer - 6 String 6 Fret Model

Brand Name: ammoon
Model Number: Pocket Guitar
Type: Pocket Acoustic Guitar

If you're a guitarist and want to practice anywhere you go, get our little, pocket-sized practice acoustic guitar that is real! It has six strings and a fretboard and fits inside your pocket, as portable as can be!

How do you become a guitar god?  The answer is easy.  You practice playing the guitar. 

How do you practice the guitar?  That’s easy too.  You pick up Sciencesy’s portable pocket acoustic guitar practice tool from ammoon.

This chord trainer has six strings and four frets.  It’s about eight inches long, two inches wide, and weights a little over four ounces.  What all this means is you can take this musical gadget anywhere and practice your guitar chords.

The portable pocket acoustic guitar trainer is durable and well-built.  It comes with a stylish carrying bag for storage and travel.

Consider yourself warned.  The portable pocket acoustic guitar practice tool will help you improve your riffs, licks, and solos, but it won’t help you deal with all your groupies. 

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